Research Internship 101

Mechanical Engineering Society, IIT Delhi conducted Research Internship 101, an information sharing session, on 17th November 2020. The event turned out to be a great success with a large student turnout and also praises pouring in from students of all branches who attended the event.

The event was aimed at helping second-third year B. Tech. students with relevant information which would help them in securing a research internship in foreign universities. In the starting, we had a number of extraordinary seniors sharing their experiences with the audience. They had secured their interns in prestigious universities and B-schools in a number of countries ranging from Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong and so on. Also, these interns were diverse in the research areas. This helped the audience to get an idea of various research fields like Machine Learning, Robotics, Data science etc. in which research could be done.


After this, we had an intensive Q and A session which further helped the audience to gather information about various processes involved in getting an internship and how to go about them. In all, it was a very informative session. Due to the pandemic, this event was conducted online. The event received overwhelming response and was conducted successfully despite of the online nature due to the pandemic.
Thus, Research Internship 101, proved out a wonderful opportunity for curious students to know about research internships and also to clear their doubts with respect to the processes involved in it.


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