Talk By Prof. Sandeep Juneja

The mechanical engineering society organized a talk titled “Financial Credit Risk” the mechanical engineering seminar room.
The speaker of the event was Prof. Sandeep Juneja who is the Dean at the School of Technology and Computer Science in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai. His research
interests lie in applied probability including in mathematical finance, Monte Carlo methods, and game theoretic analysis of queues.
The talk mainly focused on mathematical models for conditional default probabilities for corporate loans simple closed form approximations to the maximum likelihood estimator (MLE).

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It was really an enriching one.
The talk was attended by many Professors of the Mechanical Engineering Department and some research scholars of the field. Light Refreshments were also served during the course of the event. The event concluded with a gesture of appreciation from Prof Supreet Singh Bagha, President of the Mechanical Engineering Society and organizer of this talk.

Article By-  Kartik Gupta

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