Farewell Dinner

To end the journey of four years of Undergraduate life on a memorable note, farewell  dinner  for  students  of  mechanical  department  was organised on 11th April,2018.  The program witnessed great participation from students as well as faculty’s side.The program  begins  with  informal  talk  session  with the   graduating   students   and   faculty   members.  Students  shared   their experience  of  four  years  with  faculty  members  and  rejoiced  their stay in campus. Students  shared  the  challenges  they faced during their stay at IIT and  exchanged  ideas  on  how  to  improve  the  academic  and  social environment of IIT to further promote a better and balanced all round development of a student.


Faculties also shared their memorable encounters with students and talked about the future career prospects  and how  they  can  make  a  difference  in society.  After that some informal  games  were organised which saw a great participation  from  both  student’s  and faculty’s side. Faculty and students were  divided  into  four  teams.  Then  after  dinner  memento  distribution ceremony was held in the lawn of faculty guest house.


Finally all faculty members wished the graduating batch of mechanical department a very good luck for their future endeavors and an informal group photo-shoot was held afterwards.


Article by-Anand Sangwan

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