Work at Daikin Industries Ltd. Internship Location: Shiga, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

-Ramana Kanth Reddy-

Title of project: Low Noise Technology Development of Swing Compressor

Type of project: I worked in compressor department of Daikin’s Shiga Plant. My project was involved in making a theoretical model of compressor system (swing compressor) and to develop a programme which can be used to estimate the forces acting on the compressor body.

Approach: I first made a schedule for the entire project period. The work can be divided into two halves: In 1st half I did the theoretical part of the project in which I used the concepts of solid mechanics and rotor dynamics (like bending of beams, Moment area theorems & vibrations of rotating bodies) which I have learnt here in college. Finally I derived the mathematical expressions which govern the forces acting on the compressor body. In the later part I was asked to create a programme in MS Excel using VBA which can calculate the force acting on compressor body. For this I learnt a little VBA coding there and made a programme which almost took like 3weeks.

Solution and effect of the solution: The programme was made to run using experimental inputs and the results obtained were very closely matching with the experimental results. My mentor became very happy when he watched the results. Currently a team in Daikin is working on continuation of my project and are trying to make a programme to find the vibration amplitude of the compressor body.

Experience and advice for juniors: Seeing my work I was rewarded with Pre Placement Offer from Daikin. I cannot explain the joy of working there in words, the main reason why I loved working there is, you will be given a chance to work on the products or technologies which are new or yet to be released in the market. So working on newer technologies and yet to be release products will always be a motivation factor for an ambitious engineer. Also I think no one would like to miss a chance to see the technology and culture of an advanced country like Japan.

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